I get calls on occasion asking me to prepare paperwork for an annulment because the person found out they did not even like the person they married. They want to have the marriage annulled as if they never married in the first place.

This is a difficult procedure as the annulment requires a specific reason for the annulment to be approved. Whereas a divorce can be granted in Oklahoma based on the grounds of incompatibility which is really no reason at all other than to say we are not compatible with each other.

You can take a risk and have a paralegal prepare your paperwork, however, I do not recommend taking this route unless you have consulted with an attorney to find out if your grounds are sound enough for a judge to grant your annulment.

If you are familiar with the statutes and know how to research, you can find some of the grounds listed at 43 Okl.St.Ann. ยง 103 et seq. or also see Stone v. Stone, 193 Okla. 458, 145 P.2d 212 (1944).

We will be happy to prepare your annulment paperwork for less than it would cost you for an attorney. Simply go to our questionnaire here and fill it out and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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