If you are interested in filing a bankruptcy because your debt is too much for your income to handle, please fill out the questionnaire below and we will have an attorney contact you as soon as possible.

After you fill out the form be gathering the following documents to bring with you to meet with the attorney:

6 months of paystubs for you and your spouse even if your spouse is not working. Award letters for SSI, Retirement, Social Security, VA Benefits, etc. If you are self-employed, bring 6 months profit and loss statement. Bring in any Unemployment, food stamps, or any type of income assistance for the past 6 months.

3 months of bank statements

Titles (the green title) to any vehicles that have your name on them

401K, IRS, Retirment statements

Last 2 years tax returns

Deeds to any property owned

Divorce Decree

Lawsuit paperwork if you have been sued or if you are a part of a law suit to include worker’s compensation, personal injury or civil suits.

Garnishment paperwork to include your payroll address, phone number and/or email.