Attorney Services

We can assist in the following fields:

  • Domestic (to include but not limited to; Divorce, Custody, Paternity, Guardianship, Adoptions)
  • Estate Planning
  • Immigration
  • Business
  • Torts
  • Personal Injury
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Real Estate
  • ADA Violations

Services Provided:

  • Document review and productions
  • Bates numbering of documents
  • Witness and exhibit lists
  • Draft correspondence, pleadings, and discovery documents
  • Alternative dispute resolution, mediation
  • Hearing, mediation, and trial notebooks
  • Exhibit preparation and organization
  • Settlement package preparation
  • We are also available to work in your office as necessary (call for more information about this service)


Interrogatories both initial and responses $200

Request for Production of Documents both initial and responses $200

Request for Admissions both initial and responses $150

COMBINED Discovery Requests both initial and responses $200

Pleadings not specifically listed below, (to include but not limited to Petitions, Motions, Applications, Notices): $50/page

Divorce Petition with Children to include Petition, UCJEA, EOA, Civil Coversheet and Affidavit as to Military Service $300

Divorce Petition without Children to include Petition, EOA, Affidavit as to Military Service and Civil Coversheet $250

Trust: $500

Adoption: $500

Office Work $40/hr plus mileage

Travel time $50/hr plus $1.25 per mile

All other services $50/hr

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